Verse 1
So pathetic that you are, I can see right through you, no disguise will mask you.

Take me for granted that you will, with the whole world right in front of you. Ignorance will be the death of you.

Pre chorus

Now I see why this ended so badly. In the end we both really needed to move on.

Goodbye to you (I'm finished carry on)

With this I wish you well (but I promise you nothing)

You refused to be of your word

Bottled it up and I'm just about ready to explode!

Verse 2

No comprise you settled, you made your mind. No question I’ll be fine, I've just have had enough

Misery settles in as a close friend, so close that, it bites and eats you alive


Now this is the part, where we carry on
All these bad memories, will eat us alive
So before I go, must live my life so I can die happy