Persistence: The Story of Our Lives

               Oshian is based out of Hershey, Pa. We bring a new variety of Rock/Metal Elements to table to have a sound described as from Avenged Sevenfold to Greenday. 

        Oshian was formed in 2012 with original members Zach Seiger, Andrew Myles, Alyssa Martin, Justin Adams and Angel Ortiz as a metalcore act. There was a buzz caught on the scene in 2012, playing countless gigs such as Scream The Prayer, Scream Your Heart Out Fest, and All Stars Tour show. Toward the end of 2012 the band lost two original members Alyssa Martin and Angel Ortiz. Entering 2013 Oshian had the same mentality to gain a bigger audience. Although they tried to gain momentum, turmoil within the band cause a break down. There was a big divide between Justin's musical vision and the musical direction the other members wanted to pursue. This ultimately ws the demise of Oshian's line up. 2014 was a trying time for Justin to reform the band. He had troubles finding people who had his same vision and were on board with his style.                

     After countless attepts to find a core group, Oshian finally became a four piece band. In November of 2014 Oshian reemerged on the scene with new members/. The band now consists of Justin Adams (lead guitar/ lead vocals), Jaden Scremo ( rhythm guitar / lead guitar, Brandon Mclaughlin ( bass) and Alex Rexmont (drums).  
       In the summer of 2015 there was another major line up change and Oshian became a three core member band with Justin Adams lead vocals and guitar, Dylan Mauer on guitar and Alex Rexmont on Drums. They have had several fill in bassist during this time. Dlyan and Justin have become a writing duo. The two of them are writing and creating the sound of Oshian. 

     December 1, 2016 Argument of Fools video was released.  The first single release from what was the  up and coming full length album which the has the same title.  Friday, October 13th Pathetic lyric video was released. No better date than Friday the 13th to release a video. June 25th Oshian released their second music video Anguish. Shortly after the release of Anguish, Oshian released the full length album Argument of Fools, July 7th. 





Justin Adams: Guitar / Lead vocals

     Justin starting playing guitar in January 2009. He took lessons and worked hard on his own. He has developed his own musical style. Through hard work, dedication, practice he has become an accomplished guitar player. His influences are Guns n Roses, Metallica, Van Halen, Scopions, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Motley Crue, Pantera, MegaDeth, Avenged SevenFold, Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot. 

     Orignally starting out on the Metal Core scene, Justin emerged on the Scene March of 2012. This was his first gig with the original line up of Oshian. Oshian stirred up the scene and got the attention of many people. Troubles plaqued the band and a disagreements of musical direction ultimately ended the original line up. 

     With Justin the being the sole member remaining he was able to establish the new sound of Oshian. The sound went from Metal Core to Hard Rock / Metal. This is the music he always wanted to pursue. In pursuit of finding like minded members, he had troubles finding a vocalist. Justin has always had an interest in background vocals. He decided to step up and be the front man. As with his guitar playing he put many hours of practice and developing his vocals.  His vocal influences include M Shadows, Vince Niel, Axel Rose, Danny Worsnop, James Hetfield, Paul Stanley, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach and Cory Taylor. He now is the lead guitarist and vocalist.  

      In addition to writing music and lyrics, Justin also handles the business end  of the band. He books shows, promotes and manages day to day business. Music is his passion but he knows the dedication and hard work that needs to happen in order to be successful. He takes the business end just as serious as the musical side. Oshian is reemerging one the scene with his new sound and original music in November of 2014.  

      With  his newly released album Argument of Fools, newly released music video Anguish, the Argument of fools music video and Pathetic lyric video in hand, Justin picked up and moved to Los Angelos, Ca. In LA Justin is currently, rebuilding Oshian with new band members and moving forward in the LA music scene.  You can find accounts of his journey on his cross country journey to LA and more follow him on his youtube channel.