1. Lips of a Liar


Lips of a Liar

I love the way you lie to my face
I just can’t take it
When you’re lying on your back
I hope you think of me
And how your little fling destroyed my world
Of what could have been us
Is slowly fading, fading with time
Hope this consumes you
Wake up and see
Your life has ended with me
You broke my heart
And unleashed a fire
We all get burned by the lips of a liar
The lips of a liar

I lye broken with the scar on my heart
To remind me of all that you are
And that’s not much
It’s like I’m seeing red
Everytime I see you
It’s like I’m seeing double
Because I hate you, twice as much you hated me
You deserve this


I am starting to realize, where I came from
I know I am better than to be with you
Because every time you apologize it’s not you
I am tired of every single last excuse
Left me stranded, dying and empty
Fucking Bitch