Oshian just dropped their latest EP Losing Grip : Sleepless Nights, True Intensions,  Cross the Line,  Take Control and Lose Myself .  The newly released Hard Rock music will get you moving with lyrics that will get you thinking, feeling and relate to them. 



     Our full length album  Argument of Fools  is available for purchase on Itunes, Google Play and  listen to it on Spotify. Check out our Anguish video and other videos on youtube. 

Argument Of Fools Cd's available now!

Oshian and Game Over

Oshian music is featured throughout the movie Game Over. In addition to hearing Oshian's music, Justin Adams plays the role of Zachary Lake gamer. Oh the tangled web the gamer community has weaved. Watch out who you piss off on gaming forums. You never know who they are, what motives they have or how they may be connected to something you've done. Watch it now on Amazon Prime Game Over.

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